About Daniel Jason Deweese

Somewhere in the musical genes of singer/songwriter/composer Daniel Jason Deweese there may be a bit of chameleon DNA. With roots in classic rock and the folk troubadours of the 70's, D.J. takes a sensibility for accessible contemporary composition and mixes the colors of ambient electronica and modern studio alchemy to shift through a range of musical hues and patterns. While much of his music originates from an acoustic composition process, production forays into surprisingly complimentary electonica genres interweave with his carefully crafted songwriting to create dynamic, compelling music.

As a former member of the unique folk-rock duo State of Mind (Cool Stuff Records), D.J. has made music in basements and back alleys, in coffee houses and on street corners, but works now primarily in his St. Louis based studio to create original music for exclusive live shows and a variety of media applications, including Internet, TV, and film. D.J made the transition from a member of a touring act to solo artist and composer smoothly, and revels in the tools of the modern composer on his successful 2007 album release "The Red Room."

Brand new for 2009 are two new albums from Deweese, representing divergent musical capacities, with rocktronic experimentaion on "Dire Illusion" and adult contemporary intimacy on "Bring the Thunder. Check them out with the free mp3 player, or buy a copy on CD today.

To listen to the diverse range of creative instumentals available for media project licensing, visit the production music page.

We're not sure how the chameleon's colors snuck into D.J.Deweese's musical double-helix, but the resulting synthesis, with its surprising shift through the colors of folk, rock, adult contemporary and electronica, sure do make for one enjoyable musical animal.

(You can also find DJ Deweese on Facebook.com and Myspace.com/djdeweese.)